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Paid Advertising

Are you interested in advertising with our company?

Below are the different types of advertising services we provide.
We offer many options and are confident, you will find one to fit your needs.

How it works:
  • Click one of our advertising offers from below.
  • Please send payments directly to any of the following:
    Serve (USA): c028busby@yahoo.com
    Skrill: c028busby@gmail.com -- please add 25 cent fee
    SolidTrustPay: 4theptr -- please add 25 cent fee
    GPay (Google Pay): 4theptr@gmail.com
    Then please send a support ticket with your purchase information to the site at:
    forthehomestead@gmail.com. Thank you.


  • 1000 PTP Rotator Views--NO PTP links - $0.15
  • 2500 PTP Rotator Views--NO PTP links - $0.30
  • 5000 PTP Rotating Views--NO PTP links - $0.50

  • * This ad allows targeting. Price determined after choosing targets.

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